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ELECTROMODUL spa - e-mail: -
Registered office: Via Astico, 20 Z.I. - 36010 Carrè (VI) - Ph. +39.0445.315005 - Fax. +39.0445.314966
Year of establishment: 1971
Owner - Managing director: Corrado Dalla Guarda
Sales manager: Corrado Dalla Guarda
Activity of the company: Company specialized in the construction of machines for plastic material molding
Sector: Industry 
Turnover (€uro): from 5.000.000,00 to 25.000.000,00
Export % out of turnover: 40%
Employees: 20 - 49
Products: injection presses for soles in thermoplastics mod orca, shuttle, g6, strike, clamp, g8 - injection presses for rubber and thermoplastics mod. t98, t98b, t98-vz - compression presses by control to shape and hot-cold stamping the components; mod. pv-gt 300 -
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